We all know that having plants around make us feel happier, now there is the research to support our thoughts.

Margaret Burchett at The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has been conducting in depth research into the benefits of indoor plants, so far they have found the following amazing facts about how indoor plants benefits you in your workplace:

* Improves a persons sense of well being
* Helps occupants respiratory system
* Helps in cooling the surrounding air
* Has a positive effect on occupants alertness
* Reduces noise levels
* Helps reduce blood pressure
* Helps occupants to think
* Helps remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’S) from the air

VOC’s – Where do they come from?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are released into the air in a form of vapor.
The sources creating this bad vapor are everyday things such as furniture, paint, detergents, fittings and cleaning agents etc. When the surrounding occupants inhale these VOC’s the adverse reactions can inlcude dizziness, sore eyes, drowsiness and breathing problems. Indoor plants can remove some of this vapor by filtering the indoor air and neutralising the toxins. Therefore, having indoor plants helps improve the indoor air quality and in turn benefits your productivity by reducing sick leave and work place illnesses.

Health Benefits – THE FACTS

The outstanding statistics below are based on research conducted by Margaret Burchett at the University Of Technology Sydney (UTS). Occupants exposed to rooms/offices that contain indoor plants recorded that:

  • Coughs are reduced by 40%
  • Sore/dry throats are reduced by 30-47 %
  • Headaches are reduced by 30-47 %
  • Skin Irritations are reduced by 25 %
  • Fatigue are reduced by 20 %
  • Blood pressure is lowered with just 5 minutes spent in a small room with an indoor plant!!

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